The purpose of Red Earth Farms is to take part in the creation of a better future by exploring and evaluating ways to meet our needs with love and respect for all beings.

We seek lifestyle choices that will lead to the regeneration of resources rather than their depletion, and move us toward abundance for ourselves, other beings, and the earth we share.

Many of us value self-sufficiency and aim to generate a high percentage of our own food, shelter, fuel, and other essentials.

In order to gauge our impact and monitor our progress, we do detailed ecological auditing of our individual activities each year, and share this information with other members. We do this not to shame, blame, or competitively compare, but to encourage ourselves toward continual improvement.

We believe in taking care of each other as well as the earth around us. This translates into a deep support for cooperative projects, a practice of sharing any surplus, and a commitment to conflict resolution and nonviolence in our interpersonal interactions. We also respect the diversity of our members and encourage a variety of approaches to our shared vision.

All members have the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting the wider Red Earth Farms community and the land trust; these decisions are made by consensus.

Individuals, families, and sub-communities create a Land Use Plan for their own leasehold, which the community as a whole must agree to. We hope this freedom of implementation within a land trust framework will result in a number of different viable models and potential solutions to some of the problems facing humanity.

Ultimately we aspire to be a thriving network of farms and homesteads whose inhabitants enjoy a high quality of life, provide food and other goods to our neighbors, and continually strive to reduce the harm we do to the earth and other beings.