Red Earth Farms was founded in 2005, when we invented our name, defined our vision, and began living together. On June 21, 2005, our friend and benefactor Aron Heintz did us the great service of buying the land for the community.

In 2007 we incorporated as a community land trust, created a board of directors, and wrote our bylaws. In early 2008 REF purchased the land from Aron and we began drafting the terms of our leases. By 2011 our community had leased out three parcels of land and was home to four households. In 2013 our land was fully leased, home to seven households.

Our neighbors—Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (founded in 1997) and Sandhill Farm (an egalitarian community founded in 1974)—were integral in the genesis of Red Earth Farms. Some of our founders lived at these communities before starting Red Earth Farms, and we continue to benefit from cross-pollination with them.