apple wood

Member since 2017

I live on my homestead, Coyote Song, with a dog that I love and a cat that I don’t quite understand. My house was built by friends, and is very comfortable, functional and sweet. My land is open and full of potential. I plan to keep planting trees and perennials and expand my garden- to make a beautiful and edible landscape. I dream of building a barn one day, and of tending to chickens and goats.

I am an organic inspector, financially supporting myself by visiting organic farmers, reviewing their farming practices, and writing reports. This means that I currently travel a lot during the summer. One day I hope to retire from that career and be a homebody at C-song.

I like to sing, dance, run, laugh, garden, build. I like to talk about things that people hold dear. I like to play creatively with kids. I like to be absurd and silly. I like to create efficient systems.

I value connection with family, with friends and neighbors, with domestic and wild animals, with the food I eat, with the land I tend. I value quality, efficiency and aesthetics. I appreciate tools and objects that are well-designed, systems that run smoothly, and views that are calming.

I choose to live at Red Earth Farms because it allows me to maintain a good balance of interacting with others while holding and pursuing my own vision. I feel known, loved and authentic here.